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Welcome to Preferred Performance and thank-you for visiting our website!

Since you've found our web, you've probably been referred to us by your doctor, a family member, or perhaps a friend or colleague who has achieved great results. Preferred Performance is a referral-only business, and specializes in the areas of health, wellness and individual performance. We have been helping people improve their lives for over 30 years.

At PP, our mission is to "Change the Statistics" -- to help people move from which is usually considered a "normal level of health and performance" to a "preferred level of health and performance".

Many people experience conditions or limitations for which they ask, "Is that normal?"

Our answer is usually something like, "While it may be normal (in the sense that many people experience similar issues & limitations), it is definitely not preferred. If you're seeking a preferred level of performance, then that particular limitation or issue can usually be replaced with something much better."

Preferred Performance works with people in the following success areas --

to hit their targets/goals

to achieve higher states of overall health and wellness

to manage and deal with stress and the complexities of personal and professional life

to gain greater freedom of movement/range of motion in their physical bodies

to reduce and/or eliminate pain (physical and emotional)

to be more effective in achieving their business and personal outcomes

to be better at school, improve learning, and the ability to focus on subjects at hand

to relieve performance anxiety, and achieve those high-performing states in athletics,
    music, public speaking, competition, or virtually any area of excellence that is important

working with children and young people, to impart to them these same kinds of
skills and capabilities, as they establish their own patterns of performance and success.

Preferred Performance works with you both as a health & wellness practitioner, and in a teaching/coaching paradigm. We include a focus on self-help (teaching you techniques that you can do for yourself) and emphasize a common-sense approach to health, well-being and high performance. We are not medical doctors. When dealing with medical conditions please be sure to consult with your family physician.

So what's on your list?

What things do you want to work on at this time?

In what areas of your life do you desire greater satisfaction and achievement?

What are some of the priorities for you, that you've been putting off for a while?

What limitations have you been living with, that you're no longer willing to tolerate?

When you're ready to move to a "preferred level of performance", Preferred Performance is ready to work with you!

All scheduling and inquiries are conducted by telephone. Please call 408-399-5222 for additional information, or to schedule an appointment.

To learn more about what Preferred Performance has to offer, go ahead and register with us, or give us a call.

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